About MoonPear

Ads Text is a young and dynamic studio in mobile game industry, here we work with our best to ensure our products meet players’ desires and endeavour to become a successful founder.


Be creative, be yourself at Funni, we respect your interest and your style

  • No work uniform

Comfort is our top priority. Be creative, be yourself, we respect your style.

  • Respect for individual opinions

We highly recommend giving ideas and opinions, they are a necessary part in development of our company.

  • Picnic fun activities

Enjoy vacation with our team and have some great time with team-building.

  • Irrespective of who you are

We look at your efforts and achievement, not your certification.

  • Learn from peers

Don’t solve problems alone, we do it together, you can learn valuable experiences from colleagues.


Ads Text is attempting to become a successful founder in Vietnam.

With a power of effort, team spirit and will, we surely create our best qualified products to who has supported us during this time.